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Funded Research

Ultraviolet Light Research Foundation Funded Studies  

2005 – 2008

Vitamin D Deficiency, A Worldwide Problem with Health Consequences
M.F Holick and Tai C Chen

Vitamin D Deficiency – Review Article
M.F. Holick

Resurrection Of Vitamin D Deficiency And Rickets
M.F. Holick

Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D
J. J. Cannell, R. Vieth, J.C. Umhau, M. F.  Holick, W.B. Grant, S. Madronich, C.F. Garland, E. Giovannucci 

UV Radiation, Vitamin D And Human Health:  An Unfolding Controversy
W.B. Grant, C.F. Garland, M.F. Holick

Comparisons Of Estimated Economic Burdens Due To Insufficient Solar Ultraviolet Irradiance And Vitamin D And Excel Solar UV Irradiance For The United States
William B. Grant, Cedric F. Garland And Michael F. Holick

Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic and Health Consequences
Michael F. Holick

Vitamin D Content in Fish is Highly Variable: Farmed Salmon Is not a Good Source.
Z Lu, TC Chen, KS Persons, A Zhang, N Kohn, S Martinello, R Berkowitz, M F Holick.

Vitamin D deficiency in cystic fibrosis patients
Tia R. Sides, Linda Wolfenden, Arlene Stecenko, Vin Tangpricha 

Vitamin D Deficiency in Obesity and Health Consequences
 Michael F. Holick

Indoor tanning exposure schedule: FDA pilot study flawed
Robert M. Sayre & John C. Dowdy     

Indoor Tanning Exposure Schedule:  FDA Pilot Study Flawed
Robert M. Sayre & John C. Dowdy – Letter To The Editor

Vitamin D deficiency pandemic and health consequences
Michael F. Holick

Resurrection of vitamin D deficiency and rickets
Michael F. Holick

Epidemic influenza and vitamin D
J.J. Cannell, R. Veith, J.C. Umhau, M.F Holick, W.B. Grant, S. Madronich, C.F. Garland, E. Giovannucci

Unexpected Photolysis of the Sunscreen Octinoxate IN the Ptresence3 of the Sunscreen Avobenzone
Robert M. Sayre,  John C. Dowdy, Andre J. Gerwi, Wiliam J. Schields,. Roger V. Lloyd

Benefits and Requirements of Vitamin D for Optimal Health: A Review
William B. Grant,M.F. Holick

Sunbathing vs. indoor tanning; a realistic perspective
Robert M. Sayre & John C. Dowdy

The Increase in Melanoma: Are Dietary photosensitzers responsible?
Robert M. Sayre

Factors that influence the cutaneous synthesis and dietary sources of Vitamin D
Tai C. Chen, Farhad Chimeh, Zhiren Lu, Jeffery Mathieu, Kelly S. Person, Angi Zhang, Nathan Kohn, Stephen Martinello, Roger Berkowitz, Michael H. Holick

Vitamin D Deficiency Enhances Growth of MC-26 Colon Cancer Xenografts in Balb/c Mice
Vin Tangpricha 1.  Catherine Spina 2.  Min Yao 3.  Tai C. Chen 2.  Michael M. Wolfe 3.  Michael F. Holick 2.

Tanning is associated with optimal vitamin D status (Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D) and higher bone mineral density
Vin Tangpricha.  Adrian Turner.  Catherine Spina.  Sheila DeCastro.  Tai C. Chen.  Michael F. Holick

Vitamin D for health in chronic kidney disease
M.F. Holick

Dermatological risk of indoor ultraviolet exposure from contemporary lighting sources
Robert M. Sayre,  John C. Dowdy, Maureen Poh-Fitzpatrick

All of the studies below are peer reviewed and published.  Note: The UV Foundation was not the sole funding source for some of these studies.  You can review the abstracts if you search the Pub Med database http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/


Sponsored Events -- 

  • American Society for Bone Mineral Research   2007, Washington DC; http://asbmr.org/images/pdf/102606VitD.pdf-
  • Vitamin D Symposium – 2008 American Society for Photobiology.  Burlingame, Ca. ( http://www.pol-us.net/asp2008/index.html
  • Vitamin D for Norwegian Health Ministry -  Oslo, Norway
  • International Electrotechnical Commission  -  2005 - Madrid, Spain ; 2006  Budapest, Hungary;2007 Stuttgart, Germany; 2008 Venice, Italy
  • European Society for Photobiology –  2007 - Bath, England 
  • Third International Vitamin D Meeting 2008  "Vitamin D Analogs in Cancer Prevention and Therapy", Krefeld, Germany